9moonsago is my personal blog which is all about discovering clarity and mindfulness in the mayhem of our everyday lives. It’s about clearing your mind of any mess so that you can concentrate on what actually matters and develop a constructive thought process.

Here I will share all kinds of personal experiences. You will get to read some of my posts on how to attain your objectives and how to motivate yourself in adversities. In general, my blogs are inspirational in their very essence.

I don’t have any special qualifications in psychology. All my knowledge and the information that I have shared is drawn from a series of personal experiences. It’s my observation that we tend to neglect our emotions in a bid to achieve success. Perhaps we’ve persuaded ourselves that our feelings are disruptive and it’s best to avoid them as they can impede our path to success. On the contrary, listening to our feelings is very important. My blogs have emotions at their very core and you will certainly feel that while perusing them.

We all are vulnerable to negative emotions but it is important to identify them and sort them out. I have tried to address this issue and other such issues that we generally face in daily lives through this blog. Each experience of mine has enriched me with a new perspective to see things and taught me the value of emotions. My core objective here is to spread the message of joy and make my readers comprehend the value of emotions through my blogs.