My Experience with Home Security Systems

Home Security Systems

About a couple of months back, I have installed high-tech security systems in my home and office on the advice of – surprisingly – my insurance agent. I was told that theft and burglary insurance premium on my home and business premises would be substantially lower if I fixed security systems. I followed his recommendations and am glad that I did. Within a week of installation the glass front of my store was broken in the wee hours of the morning by an intruder who made good his escape after the alarm systems went off.

However, before fixing a service provider and placing the order, I did an extensive online research of devices available in the market and their specifications. Hence I feel that by sharing my experience, I can guide others who want to secure their home or offices with high tech systems. One thing that should be kept in mind is that it is always better to opt for the latest systems even if it costs more than the conventional ones. Treat this investment as a protective shield around your assets and loved ones and for peace of mind.

Here are the must-have components for your total security set-up.

  • Alarm systems – I have installed a variety of elements that are an integral part of any office and home security alarm systems. The first is infra-red detectors. These are basically sensors that emit infra-red rays. When a ray between two points is broken by movement, an alarm goes off. I have had them fixed near the main doors of my store and home as well as the downstairs windows of my house. Smoke alarms are of course standard for any security system and these are spread all over the two premises.
  • Access control system and Intercom – For my home, I have fixed intercom systems for better communications and a video intercom in the children’s room so that I can keep a watch over them. I have also installed one outside the main door so that I can see first who is calling and establish his/her credentials before opening the door. Every home or business establishments will have specific requirements in this regard and I would recommended that you call in a security expert before settling on the configuration. I must admit that my service provider One Tec Security was extremely cooperative in this regard and their customer care executive came over to personally assess my needs.
  • CCTV cameras – This is also a crucial part of a security system. There are two types here – indoor and outdoor – and both should be fitted. My internal ones are fitted flush with the ceiling to escape detection, wireless and are triggered through motion. Additionally, my outdoor camera has a wide range of vision and can cover my full garden and driveway. Both cameras can operate in almost zero-light conditions. Many people tend to exclude the external CCTV as they feel that the interiors are important only. Let me assure you that studies have shown that a visible bullet camera attached to your external walls will act as a deterrent to potential thieves and robbers.
  • Bug sweeping – After I had the systems fitted in my office, I called in my security agency to check and sweep the premises for bugs or any other form of electronic surveillance devices. This I believe is important because commercial espionage is very common in the present business environment and I do not want my competitors to eavesdrop on me.

I have started off with this configuration and in time will also add monitoring services provided by my security service provider.