Guide for students wanting to study in Australia

Study in Australia

The education system in Australia is of the highest standard, one reason why the country draws the highest number of international students every year after the United States and the United Kingdom. It can also boast of having seven of the top 100 Universities of the world. This is because at the root of the Australian education system lie Australian Quality Training Framework, a regulatory body set up by the Government to monitor the quality assurance processes in education.

Students wishing to study in Australia have a wide range of options to choose from. The Grade Point Average (GPA) of admitted students is an important factor in determining majors and the college or University that is being opted for. Apart from the studies, campus culture also varies greatly. Australia is a continent by itself and cultures prevailing in various States differ greatly. This is reflected in the study atmosphere and should be taken into account by students when selecting a specific institution.

An advantage in Australia is that there are certain courses that are job oriented and prepares students for a lucrative and rewarding career in the country. Nursing profession is an ideal example here. Australia has a booming healthcare sector with a perennial shortage of trained nurses. Hence, registered nurses of foreign countries are welcome to practice and work in the country provided they meet the stringent health care standards set down by their health regulatory authorities. There are institutes like Australian Centre for Further Education that offers bridging courses to prepare foreign registered nurses with adequate skill sets to practice in the country. For more information, visit ACFE.

After completing the nursing certificate courses, students can next pursue advanced programmes like diploma of nursing to further career prospects.

Most of the top colleges in Australia are situated in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Canberra. The east coast of Australia around New South Wales has the biggest concentration of the best colleges in the country. The top universities of Australia are The University of Western Sydney, The Australian National University, The University of Melbourne, The University of New South Wales and Monash University. The names given here are in no particular order of merit.

The most chosen courses by foreign students are Accounting, Master of Business Administration, Health Care, Information Technology and Hotel Management.

Finally, it is necessary to know about the country and the Australians as a whole before taking a decision to study here. Along with education it is necessary to blend in seamlessly with the culture and ethos of the country. English is the national language of Australia and there are some words and phrases that are considered to be unique to this country. The people here have a great sense of humour and are very helpful and friendly by nature. Sport is a passion in the country with football, rugby and cricket being the most followed games. For the adventure lovers amongst students, the terrain of the country from the beaches to the great outback has everything that they can possibly hope for.