My Inspiration for Graphic Art & Design


I have intentionally put the title as Graphic Art & Design, even though there is a subtle difference between the works of a graphic artist, a graphics designer and a graphic designer. Lest my readers wonder about my true calling and what inspires me, I feel that a few words about my profession and what I really do would be in order. But first the definitions

Graphic Artist – He/she is one who is a fine artist engaged in graphic or digital medium.

Graphics Designer – He/she is one who creates visual pieces that has its use in specific designs or repetitive applications. These can be motion graphics, information graphics or computer graphics. All the beautiful designs that you see on a T-shirt or mugs or souvenirs without the textual part are created by graphics designers.

Graphic designer – He/she is a visual communicator who is a vital cog in the wheel of designing attractive images and logos primarily to aid marketing challenges and strategies. The designs along with relevant typography and motion graphics are optimised to be published in the electronic or print media. Most importantly, to keep up with the modern digital business environment, a graphic designer should have mastered the latest software and hardware needed for this profession.

Basically, if I talk about myself, I find it extremely difficult to exactly put a finger on what I do. In fact my ideal description would be a mix of all three. This is because art and design and graphics is just not a means to earn my daily bread and butter, it is my passion. I have been following Jarrod on Pinterest and Twitter to know more about his work and get inspirational ideas. After completing my four year collegiate degree in graphic designing where I had to go through courses on typography, art history, composition and colour theory, I took up a job in a reputed digital marketing agency that was also into advertising.

However, I soon realised that a fixed job was throttling my creative instincts and I needed to break free. I wanted to do things on my own without fear or favour and timelines. But could I was the question that haunted me until I met Australian Jarrod Carland at a musical theatre production. After meeting him I researched on him and found some useful information on wikiwand and wow.

Jarrod is virtually a one man industry in the Australian creative design and graphic sector and most crucially for me, was working independently in various creative fields. Jarrod trained and worked with Laura Green in New York on Broadway. The highpoint was working as an assistant to Mel Brooks in the Broadway production The New Mel Brooks Musical: Young Frankenstein that opened in 2007.

In 2008, he started his design agency Studio Jack. He has also been an integral part of the Australian entertainment industry working as a producer of musical theatre and large scale concert events. From 2013 to 2016, he was executive director of the highly acclaimed music festival Brisbane Baroque which has won numerous awards.

Studio Jack today is one of the leading design and graphic art studios in the country having a team of professional designers who are as passionate about graphic design as Jarrod. The Studio regularly churns out massive design campaigns for the country’s leading industries and events. For more details on Jarrod, visit website

He became my inspiration, my idol and my motivation to branch out on my own. I followed in his footsteps, set up a design studio which today is doing very well. I plan to diversify in many other fields in the near future all related of course to my art and craft. I have also subscribed to his YouTube channel and get inspiration from there.