Mick Fabar, My True Inspiration

Mick Fabar

Why do I get inspired by Mick Fabar? A look at the many dimensions of the man makes it amply clear why he automatically motivates those around him or those listening to one of his stirring speeches.

The first point that never stops to amaze me about the man is his resilience to bounce back from all odds. Take his entrepreneurial skills. In 2001 he founded his construction company Mick Fabar Constructions and had soon made a name for himself in this field. But in 2005, a mining boom in his hometown Orange saw his business taking a hit due to the influx of unscrupulous builders hoping to cash in on the many projects on offer. They offered rock bottom rates for garnering contracts, thereby compromising on quality over quality.

Mick refused to follow this line and instead branched out into a totally new and pioneering area – building energy efficient homes. In 2006, he founded Green Homes, Australia, a sister concern of Mick Fabar Constructions. It focused solely on constructing green sustainable buildings that consumed less electricity resulting in reduced energy bills even in extreme weather conditions. He even constructed two low energy consuming buildings in Orange and invited builders to study his innovative techniques on a franchisee model and incorporate his pioneering ideas in their building plans. This benefitted millions of Australian homeowners.

This is where Mick has greatly inspired me. As a businessman, I admire his spirit to look for alternate avenues when the chips are really down and make a success of it. Any other businessman would have given up or at most would have limped along. But not Mick Fabar. He fought back and turned an adverse situation around to huge success. He received a clutch of Housing Industry Awards soon after as well as prestigious ISO certifications that are basically an acknowledgement of excellence benchmarks set by his companies.

Another aspect of Mick Fabar that I truly admire is that unlike most businessmen he has made a name for himself in his personal life too. When most mortals consider it a pipe dream to enter the hallowed portals of the Guinness Book of World Records even once in their lifetime, Mick has almost made a habit of it. In November 2005, he broke the then existing Guinness record with 436 punches in a minute. When Paddy Doyle, an Englishman crossed this Mick hit back with a mind boggling 548 punches in a minute. Not one to be satisfied with his feats, Mick rewrote the book with 302 left jabs and 447 hits on a speedball, both in under a minute. These have never failed to inspire me and have goaded me on to reach levels in my business life that I had never thought before could be possible.

Mick is also an inspiring public speaker and his speeches at sporting clubs, schools and colleges, conferences and to fellow businessmen and young entrepreneurs has never failed to motivate the audience. This is because his addresses are always focused on offering tangible and measurable solutions for reaching personal goals and objectives of life. He always puts forth formula and strategies that guides his listeners to better the quality of their lives. This is generally based on the success story of Mick’s life and hence is founded on real life experience and not some vague philosophy. It is one of the reasons why Mick’s speaking engagements are much in demand in Australia.

In concluding, I can only say that I have truly gained in life by trying to follow in the footsteps of Mick Fabar.