My Beauty Secrets for Beautiful Skin and Body

Beautiful Skin & Body

Everyone knows at least one woman with seemingly perfect skin, even I do and every time I see her glowing face, I think. Seriously, how does she do it? What magical procedure is she getting? Which cream is she using? Obviously, all these questions would also pop up in your mind when you see women with glowing and spot free skin. The secret is they have mastered the best daily skin care routine. All through these years and through a bit research I have come up with few beauty secrets to have a flawless and glowing skin and body. The secrets included here are natural as well as using non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

Morning beauty ritual

Healthy and glowing skin is one of the most attractive indicators of beauty and youth. To achieve this, some people use ice cubes on their face every morning to freshen and rejuvenate. This ritual is great, however, it can be a little harsh for people with sensitive skin. So, here is my secret, simply wash your face with cold raw milk in the morning. This can also be done by mixing a little cucumber juice and milk and then using a cotton ball to apply the mixture. Rinse your face with cold water, this will instantly freshen your face and also cleanse the skin to improve skin tone. Overall, it leaves your face extremely soft, glowing and fresh.

Wonderful natural body scrub

How many of you love coffee, I do, but do you know that it could become a wonderful body scrub to reduce cellulite and dryness on the legs and other areas of the body. The recipe to make this wonderful scrub is simple, mix 2 tablespoons of used coffee grounds, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Use this mixture to gently massage your body while in the shower and apply it in circular motions only. You will notice an amazing difference it will make to your skin leaving it soft, tender and velvety.

Drink the right liquids

Though it is tempting to grab a cup of coffee the minute we wake up, but choosing the right beverages can be a game changer. Drink a shot of chlorophyll also known as wheatgrass juice every morning to brighten, oxygenate and hydrate your skin. Drinking chlorophyll helps drain the puffiness by stimulating the lymphatic system. If you are not keen on gulping the shot, chlorophyll supplements can also be taken which are available at many drugstores. In addition to this drink green juices with lots of veggies. It will transform your skin in a matter of few days as it will impart a natural glow.

Focus on this single treatment

If skin care overwhelms you or you are not the one who likes to try different skin care products, don’t worry. Preventing acne scars and fine lines doesn’t need to be that complicated. You can under a non-invasive cosmetic treatment to reduce fine lines, age spots, uneven pigmentation and even cellulite. This treatment is known as IPL photofacial which is done utilising an IPL machine where intense lights varying in wavelengths are focused on the specific parts of the skin. The wavelengths stimulate collagen production helping fill in lines, shallow scarring, reducing redness, discolouration and spots. It is both safe and effective and is relatively simple and straightforward procedure. You can also buy in-home machine and to know the exact IPL laser machine price click here.

The above-mentioned are few of the beauty secrets for healthy and glowing skin and body.