New Trackers Are Ensuring the Security of My Office


I have a midsized BPO office in Melbourne with about 150 employees working at any given time. My company caters to both national and international clients and mainly service requests for my clients’ products, calls for maintenance and help for handling new products. I also have clients for whom I attend to complaint calls on their product lines and these are the most difficult to handle.

You must be wondering by now why I am going into long drawn details of my office when I am here to tell you about the new security trackers in my office. Well, the reason is simple. I have had the trackers installed simply because I was unable to cope with theft of my costly equipment like laptops and tablets that are so crucial to the functioning of my office. I have once even had a mini server stolen from the server room.

Actually, I have tried various measures to pre-empt theft. I have had audio sensors installed on server doors that give off a shrill noise if tampered with. I have put up top end CCTV cameras that are capable of taking high resolution videos even in almost zero light conditions. I have set external bullet cameras that can cover a wide area so that entry and exit of strangers and intruders can be tracked during their getaway. But even after all these precautions, things were not falling in place because laptops and tablets can be hidden from view and carted away. Hence, thefts continued to haunt me.

Finally I decided to have a new set of security measures in place. The first was installation of a smoke security system that kept intruders at bay. The principle behind this device is really amazing. It is connected to the existing sensors in the office. Whenever an intrusion takes place, the sensors will be triggered and simultaneously the smoke device too will be set off. Within seconds, the whole area will be covered in dense smoke reducing visibility to zero. The thief has no option but to quickly leave the way he entered. You cannot steal what you cannot see!

The main advantage here is that nothing is taken away from the premises. Normally, even if law enforcement agencies crack a case with help from CCTV camera footage, the stolen goods are rarely recovered. By installing this device, I have added another layer of security to my office.

I have also put in individual trackers on most of my costly equipment. Stolen goods are important to thieves only if it can be sold. But if that can be stopped the goods become useless for them. Trackers are metal warning and security plates that have been affixed to all my equipment using high bond adhesives. A tattoo beneath the sticker proclaims it as stolen property and that it is being tracked and monitored. There are also high visibility stickers especially attached to the laptops that make simply picking them up and walking away that much more difficult. The tattoo and the stickers completely eliminate any resale value.

I am glad to say that incidences of thefts have been drastically reduced in my office due to these fail safe security measures adopted by me.