The Day My Home AC Malfunctioned


There are certain things in life that stick to your mind – your graduation, your wedding day, the first steps of your first born and the first day on your job. I am no exception too but I would like to add another point here and that is the day my home AC malfunctioned.

I am a resident of Mornington, a suburb in Melbourne and as is normal every year, this place witnesses extreme temperature fluctuations between summer and winter, both being at the extreme. Hence having the best equipment for heating in Mornington is as important as air conditioning in Mornington.

Now my story. About six months back when Mornington was going through one of the hottest and stickiest summers in my living memory, my home AC one night just groaned to a stop. No advance warning, no heating up, no foul odours – it simply went on the blink. I made a DIY effort by checking the circuit breakers and main line fuses but everything was OK. What could I possibly do but wait till morning.

Around 9 in the morning, I called an AC service and repair company after getting their name from the yellow pages. They arrived promptly within the hour and got to work. What they told me next hit me like a ton of bricks – 3 parts had to be replaced and refrigerant had almost dried up and needed to be topped up. The costs? It surely dented my wallet. But what could I do at that stage? I was literally panting for a whiff of cold air.

Within a couple of hours, the AC was up and running and I was left substantially poorer. Just on a lark, I decided to find out from a friend who is in this HVAC business in Sydney if the day’s events did really add up to what it should be. And what I heard from him left me in a state of shock. Never, he said could 3 parts of an AC fail simultaneously. It is such sensitive equipment that even if one mal-function, the unit will not work, forget about 3 at a time.

Also, refrigerant can never run dry if there is no leak somewhere. Even then there will be a gradual drop in cooling efficiency. For my AC, this had not been the case, it had suddenly stopped running.

What could I do? Absolutely nothing!  I had been taken for a ride and I admit it. That’s why the day my AC malfunctioned is ingrained in my mind. There are a number of top rated contractors for eating and air conditioning in Mornington. In my haste, I had just picked the wrong one.