Thunderstorm Hit our Town Yesterday

Clouds and thunder lightnings and storm over city.

In this blog I’m going to narrate a completely stunning, occasionally scary but exciting experience about a crazy thunderstorm that hit our city yesterday evening. The previous couple of days had been quite hot as the summers were setting in. The weather changed in the afternoon, as dark clouds loomed large over the horizon. The afternoons, since a past few days, were typified by a hot and dry wind which created an atmosphere of a broiler. This wind was replaced by strong gusts of cold breeze as sun played hide and seek with the clouds.

I love the smell of the air during a thunderstorm that is like a blend of both stale and fresh. There is a soil-like quality to the odor that verges on rusty. Being a nature enthusiast, I’m generally amped up for thunderstorms, however this one was not at all like some other.

The thunder sounded so boisterous that I really felt scared, with my heart beating quickly as if it was going to blast out. I later understood that kid like trepidation originated from my sense of self’s apprehension of the obscure, maybe my inner self.

This thunderstorm was so intense that I wondered if my recent, discernibly enhanced ability to sense things was the reason for it. Dark, dramatic & deafening, this storm was unlike any of previous storms that I recall.

To experience this thunderstorm was like to witness a display of nature’s divine power. The lightning, vivid and luminous, enlightened the dull mist, uncovered the surroundings momentarily in a flash & then disappeared. It came and went repeatedly, glimmering on and off like a firefly in a summer evening. Sometimes it was so quick, like some unearthly power stabbing the earth, blazing indiscriminately through the air. The whole sky was by all accounts seared by the light, as it uncovered substantial, dull clouds, where the sky once looked dim and starless. This lightening left me with some fleeting moments of joy & thrill and an indelible mark of white brilliance.

However, there was another facet of this beautiful thunderstorm and that was its power. In the morning, I noticed several trees & electric poles had been uprooted. Even my garden was full of broken branches from the trees in the surrounding. I noticed that some damaged branches were dangling perilously over my lawn. Therefore, tree removal became a necessity to avoid any further damage to my property. I got in touch with professional removal service to do the clean-up after the storm.