Tips to Deal with Criticism at Workplace

Criticism at work can influence all aspects of your life, especially if not dealt with in a proper manner. Besides adding stress to your already stressful work life, it can have an adverse affect on your personal life. On the off chance that you don’t handle it well, negative criticism from your bosses and associates can eventually impede your career path.

You can’t counteract being censured. However controlling your own particular response can transform a negative circumstance into a positive one. Individuals frequently view negative feedback as a personal assault, which is certainly not advisable. Constructive criticism can on occasions provide feedback that’s crucial to your success.

In case a senior associate finds fault with your work and pours scorn on you with regard to your mistakes, don’t slight their remarks regardless of the fact that you don’t hold the person in high regard. It is advisable to use active listening techniques methods all through the discussion.

Indeed, even the smallest piece of negative feedback is anything but difficult to misconstrue. In such a situation, asking follow-up questions to avoid a bigger misunderstanding later on. Making inquiries not only demonstrates that you’re avid to figure out a solution. This can also help you in assessing whether the negative feedback is pertinent.

Keep in mind the aforementioned suggestions to deal with criticism at workplace.