Unwanted Hair on My Face Was Troubling Me


When you have unwanted hair on your face it can be a cause of great concern. I had tried various hair removal methods but none had been successful in offering a permanent solution. Unfortunately, I was one of those who could not stop it from growing back. The scenario changed about six months back but before I get into that part of my story, a little background info will clear the air about the problems I had faced.

What irritated me a lot was that whenever I had to go out for a party or even shopping, I had to spend hours in front of the mirror taking out facial hair? And let me tell you, it hurt like hell. Waxing was a big no-no. The few times I had tried it, the exercise had been a disaster. Apart from the pain when the strips were pulled off the skin, it left my face as red as a beetroot. Epilators were fine but then the hair tends to grow back rather quickly. Plucking individual hair was a very time consuming process.

This had been the story of my facial hair till about a year back. After I graduated from college and picked up a job, I knew I had to do something drastic about my problem. I consulted a few of my colleagues who informed me about permanent hair removal from the face. I was also told that it is a painless process and quite affordable. After searching the Internet, I picked on a clinic near my house and booked an appointment.

On the great day, I would be wrong if I do not admit that I had doubts swirling in my mind. Bur the beautician immediately put me at ease and said that the treatment would be done on a technologically advanced IPL hair removal machine.

This is how the machine works. Energy from a simple handheld device pressed against the skin transmits energy through the skin and melanin to the hair follicles right down to the root or the bulb. This energy destroys papilla which is the primary agent for hair production. Hence the hair does not grow back again. I was assured that it was a painless process without any side effects altogether.

However, a lot of care and attention was paid to my facial structure before the treatment was initiated. The beautician first made an analysis of the skin tone, hair colour and the thickness of the hair strands. Based on these parameters, a treatment plan was worked out. I was told that that for complete permanent hair removal about 4 to 5 sittings would be required at 1 month intervals, depending on how fast I responded to each treatment session.

All my apprehensions were laid to rest after the first session only. The process with IPL machine was a painless one though I must admit that pinprick sensations were felt by me. From the second session, cold packs and a numbing gel were applied to the face before treatment started to make me absolutely comfortable.

For me it is a minor miracle. Years of crude hair removal methods are a thing of the past. My face now has a smooth rosy look. Most importantly, going out is no longer a nightmare for me.