What I learned from Working with Immigrants

Immigration Law

A few years ago, I had an unbelievable experience that was an eye-opener for me. I was working with numerous immigrant groups and in a year that I interacted with them, I found myself invariably fascinated by their never-say-die spirit, determination and strength.

The popular belief is that the challenges encountered by immigrants are over once they move to the country and I unquestionably believed same. And this view was shared by the majority of the individuals I conversed with. I discovered, though, that this is not the actuality. Immigrants are challenged with many hurdles once they set foot on foreign shores.

Moving to a new country brings along a different set of challenges, irrespective of your background, and there are some that are general experiences for migrants around the world. Although immigrants may confront some, or all of these problems, there are countries which provide with an array of provisions that can facilitate the transition smoother.

It’s not a surprise that dialect heads the rundown of issues confronting settlers to any nation. The inability to interact and relate to surroundings undeniably influences every aspect of life right from work life and approaching immigration lawyers in Canada to day to day tasks such as purchasing groceries. Therefore, studying a native language is crucial. In countries such as the US and Canada, there is a host of languages such as Spanish and French which are spoken.

If you are not well-versed with the English language but speak and write French fluently, Canada is an ideal alternative for you. Irrespective of the country you opt for, learning at least one official language in that country is necessary. That is precisely where regional or state organisations can guide you with programs on language and culture. Nevertheless, your native language can also be an asset for you as in an increasingly international marketplace, businesses may consider your multi-lingual abilities while selecting you for a particular job profile.

One of the greatest challenges immigrant parents face is parenting and rearing their kids in a different, unknown culture. Guardians regularly notice that their wards instantly get accustomed to the country’s traditions which may be in conflict with their own culture. Besides that, children usually manage to get acquainted with English quicker than their parents. That places the parent-child dynamic in a jeopardy.

As far as education is concerned, parents frequently complain about their kids not being able to keep up in school. There are also instances of browbeating and racial discrimination due to the cultural disparity. For children who are not fluent in English, it can be an overwhelming task to keep up. To worsen the problems, parents may not have the knowledge or communication skills to support their children, and so they are unable to effectively convey the problems to the teachers.

Regardless of all of these difficulties, the individuals I worked with were amazingly strong and appreciative of the chance to lead a balanced and healthy life in another country.

Numerous immigrants, especially undocumented, still are sceptical to interact with the locals. The least we can do for them is to make them comfortable and help them as much as possible. I’m sure they will have some astonishing experiences to share.